The Heidi Swapp Personal Memory Planner!

Calling all planner and stationery dorks! Today I’ll be letting you have a good rummage around inside my scrumptious Heidi Swapp Personal Memory Planner. I am a complete stationery addict and, since starting Yarntistry, I can’t live without my diaries and planners! Let’s get stuck in…

*Psssst* If you stick around until the end, you’ll find a free printable order sheet for your personal planner to download and print out as many times as your gorgeous heart desires!


Today I’ll be showing off my “Life is Good” design Heidi Swapp planner, which has a black, white and gold theme and matches my baby change bag. I know… tres chic. I sure hope I don’t get poop on it. (I absolutely will get poop on it.)

heidi-swapp-personal-planner-1This particular planner is personal size (21 x 15 x 4 cm / 8.3 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches) which makes it super portable and very easy to chuck into your handbag, ready to write mean things about annoying strangers… ON THE GO! Yay!

The cover of this bad boy is a beautiful soft material that I’ve spent a good hour of my life stroking, so far… which is a lot of time considering I’ve only owned it for a matter of weeks.

The binder style inserts mean that it’s really easy to shift and move your sections around and totally personalise where each part goes. That said, it does use an awkward hole-punch format, so you would need to get your hands on a single hole punch and strategically place the holes to fit your planner if you designed/downloaded custom inserts! If you’re a millionaire playboy who can afford to spend £18 on a hole punch, however… you can find the official Heidi Swapp punch right… HERE! (Please note, this is NOT an affiliate link. I’m just a super helpful cat, ya dig?)

When you open it up, you’ll find a selection of pockets on the inside cover; perfect for keeping ticket stubs, photos, stickers, planner clips and human teeth. The same black, gold and white theme carries on throughout and is accented by kraft-style recycled card which looks rather scrummy, if you ask me.

heidi-swapp-personal-planner-8At the start of each month you’ll find a plastic wallet sheet which I’ve used as a little photo holder to store pictures of my small humans. It serves as a pretty adorable reminder of why I spend so much time sat at this desk once these two are in bed. So that I can afford to stay at home with them, playing “Mums and Dads and Babies™” and being vomited on. Worth it.

Behind that is a sort of listed note page, with sections for your month’s to-do list, some strange location/map based section in the middle (if you have any idea what it might be for, PLEASE tell me!! I’m stumped!) and gratitude notes at the bottom. I’ve found this page incredibly helpful for keeping me on track with the various bits of bobs that need completing before the month is out!


Your month at a glace is completely undated, which is SUCH a good thing for those of us who aren’t organised enough to prepare our planner for the new year. It also means that each planner design never really goes out of date! I bought my personal planner in May, so I had wiggled things around so that May is at the front, and the previous months are at the back ready for me to carry on into 2018. BOOYA.

One thing I will say about the monthly view section is that I do miss the space I had with my BAN.DO 17 Month Large Agenda. Each daily space  is really quite teeny and trying to fit the width of a word inside such a small square is a challenge, even with the neatest, most petite handwriting. My handwriting is questionable as it is, and in 6pt text it’s even worse. The fact that the weeks start on a Sunday took a good bit of getting used to, too!

heidi-swapp-personal-planner-9The weekly view, however, has a nice amount of space for each day and, thankfully, the weeks start on a Monday this time so you don’t have to use your brain quite as much while you fill it in, because nobody wants that!

There’s a cute little blank section in the bottom right for any additional notes you might have about your week, for example:

“The train to work sure did smell like urine this week,” or “I really wish I had eaten less lemon drizzle cake this week” (said nobody, ever.) You could also use it to keep track of any goals you might have – social media progress, weight changes or even just your personal victories for the last seven days.


The planner doesn’t come with a pen, but it does have space for one, so I decided to fill mine with this awesome skull pen from Paperchase. The band is quite a tight squeeze, but at least that means that your pen won’t end up going awry at the bottom of your bag and leaking ink all over your packet of Fruit Pastilles.

My main criticism for the Heidi Swapp Personal Planner is that it doesn’t have a closure of any kind; no band, no button, no clasp or popper at all, meaning that it does have a tendency to stay open a lot of the time. Like a 5 year old’s mouth it is permanently flapping open, trying to share your secrets with the world. I do plan to create some sort of a crocheted closure band for it so that it stays shut in my bag and doesn’t end up all sad and dog-eared!

I created these printable order tracker sheets for my personal memory planner so that I can keep track of my week’s orders and make sure that nothing gets left out or forgotten!

If you’d like to print some out for yourself, you can download the PDF file right HERE! I did need to trim mine ever so slightly to fit my planner, but they look great! If you’d be interested in a set of Yarntistry planner inserts for your future weeks and months, please let me know! I’d love to do a full set so I’m totally down for that!

Please note: these printable planner inserts are for personal use only and should not be sold, replicated or edited in any way without expressed written consent from myself! I know you guys are all awesome and wouldn’t dream of it, but just in case!

If you’d like to purchase your own Heidi Swapp Personal Memory Planner, you can find it at larger Hobbycraft stores or order online.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneaky peek into my diary of mischief! I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours! (Your PLANNER… honestly, what a dirty mind.)

Love and snogs,



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