FREE Cactus Mason Jar Cosy/Cozy Crochet Pattern!

This quick and easy cactus mason jar cosy/cozy crochet pattern is a super cute, little project that works up so fast your house will be overrun with them before you know it!


Skills Required: Chain stitch, double crochet (single crochet US), slip stitch, sewing pieces together.

What You’ll Need: Orange and green aran (10ply) yarn (for this tutorial I have used DMC Natura Medium Cotton in 109 and 08,) 4mm crochet hook, a yarn needle, a stitch marker (optional,) white and yellow felt (optional) and scissors.

Instructions: Please note that it is worked in UK terminology. If you would like to have a go at the pattern in US terminology, please substitute all instances of “DC” with “SC.” If you are unsure of any of the abbreviations within the pattern, please look at the abbreviation glossary at the bottom of the pattern. Parts of this project are worked in the round, and if you’re using a stitch marker to keep track of where you are, remember to reposition it at the start of each new round!


Using your orange yarn, chain the appropriate number of stitches for your particular jar. I started with 46 stitches for mine, so perhaps start with this and then wrap it around your mason jar to ensure that it’s a good fit! SS into the first chain to create a loop.


cactus-mason-jar-3Round 1-3: DC all around.

Round 4: DC all around in the BACK LOOP ONLY.

This creates a ridge in your work to represent the top rim of your pot!

Round 5-11: DC all around.

Round 12: SS all around. Fasten off and sew in your ends.

At this point it would be a good idea to try your cosy with your mason jar to make sure that it’s a good fit and isn’t too loose or too difficult to get on.


Using your green yarn, Ch6.

Row 1: Starting in the second chain from the hook, 4DC, 3DC in same stitch, 5DC. Ch1, turn.

Row 2: 5DC, inc in next 2 st, 5DC. Ch1, turn.

Row 3: 5DC, inc, DC, inc, DC, inc, 4DC. Ch1, turn.

Row 4: 6DC, inc, DC, inc, DC, inc, 6DC. Fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing.


Starting a new piece and using your green yarn, Ch4.

Row 1: Starting in the second chain from the hook, 2DC, 3DC in same stitch, 3DC. Ch1, turn.

Row 2: SS all around. Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.


Sew your larger cactus piece to the “pot.” Make sure that the rim band is at the TOP, even though that was the part that we worked first.

If you sew your cactus into the back/inside of your pot piece, the stitches won’t be visible from the outside and you’ll have a much neater finish!

Attach the smaller cactus piece to the larger cactus piece in whichever place you feel it looks best!

If you’d like to add a small flower, you can create one using sheets of felt – here I’ve made a little white flower with a yellow centre, but you can make yours whatever colour you like!


Et voila! You have a quick and easy cactus mason jar cover brightening up your desk or worktop forever more! This project could also easily translate to a travel mug cosy/cozy if your starting chain was made to fit a smaller circumference.

If you have any issues with this pattern, or get stuck and need some advice, please post a comment below! Thank you for hanging out with me today and if you do make and share a cactus mason jar cosy/cozy on social media, share it with me using #yarntistry!

Love your face,



st(s) stitch(es),

ss slip stitch,

dc double crochet,

inc increase by making 2dc in the same stitch,

ch – chain stitch.




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