Squee! Free Phone Wallpaper!

Have you ever seen a doughnut bear hybrid? YOU HAVEN’T?! Then oh, my darling, you simply have not lived.

Last year I introduced the world to my range of animal confectioneries including a pup French Fancy and a fennec fox Bakewell Tart… as you do. My favourite of all, however, was this guy… Dimbleby Doughnut!


Dimbleby got a great reception online from lots of rather beautiful women, swooning over his handsome and mysterious charm. He was also featured in Simply Crochet Magazine in issue Fifty-Three alongside his other PETisserie pals. (Pssst… He was on page 40!!) Please excuse the doofus on the left page. I don’t know who she is or how she got there, but she looks like a right creep, am I right??



If you’re the type of super grown up person that has a silicone doughnut phone case… like I… definitely… don’t… then this pastel doughnut bear wallpaper is going to be a perfect addition to your sickly sweet tech accessorising!

Being as in love with him as I am, I thought I would create myself a new wallpaper for my phone and I’ll be damned if I’m not sharing it with you lovely lot! It was created for an iPhone 6, but as it’s a pattern and has no central detail, it works beautifully on any size of mobile screen, Hurrah! If you’d like to get your gorgeous mitts on the full resolution version, you can do so… HERE!

Thanks for checking in with me today, and remember to sign up for the mailing list while you’re here so that you can get a scrumptious 5% off code to use as many times as you like in the Yarntistry Etsy shop! You can either sign up by clicking on Dimbleby’s handsome face at the top right-hand side of this page or by going HERE and signing up. I can’t wait for you to become my new pen pal!!

Love and snogs,


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